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Need to add CADDS support to your products?
DV-CADDS Reader is the most complete API available!

DV-CADDS Reader can be used to develop applications that can, among other things, view and translate CADDS data. Applications using the API do not require CADDS licenses to read CADDS.

Already Using a Different CADDS API Library?

We encourage you to give DV-CADDS Reader a try! With the exception of CV-DORSŪ (the expensive API offered by PTC that requires CADDS licenses), no other CADDS API has the level of support for Parametrics and other CADDS features that DV-CADDS offers. Period!


  • Single and Double Precision CADDS parts
  • Explicit Entities (3D Model, 2D Draw, and Detail Mode)
  • Parametric Entities
  • Hidden Line Removal
  • 3D Model Views
  • Model View entity control (per layer, per view, HLR, etc)
  • All 30 standard CADDS text fonts (including Kanji)
  • Text font compiler for supporting custom fonts
  • NFigures and SFigures
  • Substantial CAMU Assembly support (Beta)
  • CADDS 3 (Revision 8 and higher)
  • All CADDS 4X Revisions
  • All CADDS 5 and CADDS 5iŪ Revisions
  • Compare with other CADDS APIs:

    3D Explicit Entities
    3D Model Views
    3D Parametric Entities
    Dimensions, Text & Detail 2D Entities
    Hidden Line Removal

    DV-CADDS Reader

    TTF Group *

    DV-CADDS Reader Supports Parametric CADDS.
    Why Use Other APIs That Don't?

    Pricing Information:

    DV-CADDS Reader is offered at No Cost to developers during initial testing, debugging and implementation into their products. You also receive tech support and a license of our DraftView CADDS Viewer to aid in development, all at no cost.

    After DV-CADDS has been successfully incorporated into your products, there is a per-license fee for the products you sell with CADDS support (volume and annual licensing rates also available). If you would like more information on our per-license fees, please Contact us

    If, during implementation, you are not satisfied with the capabilities of DV-CADDS Reader, there are no costs or obligations!

    Try DV-CADDS Reader at No Cost!

    To register and download the API Click Here.